It's been over forty years since a vigorous and enterprising engineer with Robertshaw Industrial Products Company decided to begin his own instrumentation and controls company here in the heart of central Florida.

From humble beginnings, our founder, David L. Curry, began testing his entrepreneurial skills and worked toward developing what is now considered to be a respected, leading, and dynamic presence in the Systems Integration Industry, Curry Controls Company.

"Curry puts you in control" was as true then as it is today. A range of process control products and services have been offered through the years to  support the measurement, control, and monitoring of process parameter variables including:  temperature, pressure, level, flow, and loading. The scope of these services extend to industries including: water & waste water treatment, electrical power generation, oil & gas distribution, pulp & paper manufacturing, phosphate mining, semiconductor, food and beverage, etc.

As systems design/build specialists, Curry Controls Company manages and executes all phases of project process requirements from beginning to end. Our professional engineering, general construction,  electrical contracting, and technical support service groups can provide the skill-set your project may require ---- all working seamlessly on your behalf.

Curry Controls Company is your Turn-Key Systems Solution Provider!

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