Curry Controls Company (CCC) produced the Modpac RF Modem for many years. This product reached its end of life March 30, 2011 due to unavailability of various parts which are no longer manufactured. While CCC no longer produces the Modpac RF Modem, support for installed products will be available as long as possible. Advanced alternatives to the Modpac RF Modem are available from us as well as migration strategies to them.

Modpac discontinued products are listed below:

The following Modpac programming software and User Manual resources are being made available to current users for additional support:

The current version of the Modpac Manual is available here: Modpac User Manual Ver 3-13

Modpac configuration software is available here: Setup_Modpac66

Modpac RF Modem End of Life Notification:  Modpac End of Life Notification

Curry Controls Company has several Modpac Migration strategies to assist current users to transition to alternative advanced RF radio telemetry product solutions.  Give us a call so we can discuss your requirements.