RF Telemetry Services

RF communication links are an essential and integral part of most SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems. Whether your application requires licensed  UHF/VHF radios, or license free 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz Spread Spectrum radio propagation, you will find that Curry Controls Company has the technology and experience to meet your most demanding applications.

rf3Curry RF Services:

  • Site Survey
  • Computer Modeled RF Path Analysis
  • FCC Frequency Coordination and Licensing
  • On-site Field RF surveys
  • Terrain and Topographical Analysis
  • FCC Frequency Refarming Assistance
  • Progagation Path Study Analysis & Reports
  • Radio Telemetry System Design and Engineering
  • Radio Telemetry System Installation and Support

Common Licensed Radio Features:

  • rf4Simultaneous Serial and Ethernet connectivity
  • Configuration via web server
  • Connectivity to any popular PLC
  • Store and forward repeating capabilities
  • Over the air firmware updates
  • Over the air data rates from 4kbps to 32kbps
  • Extensive diagnostics accessibility
  • AES 128 data encryption
  • Ethernet IP communications
  • Bridge and advanced router modes
  • Built in terminal server
  • Multiple bandwidth capability


For over a decade, Curry Controls Company has been producing the Modpac Plus RF Modem, which we still support for our customers worldwide.

As we embrace the newer and more widely accepted Ethernet IP connectivities, the need for improved data rates and security, etc., Curry Controls Company will partner with you to help you transition and migrate to the best RF solution for your new or existing application.

We look forward to discussing alternative strategies and the opportunity to discuss products that will perform and be cost-effective for you!