Solid Waste Industry

Curry Controls Company (CCC) has completed many projects in the Solid Waste Landfill Industry. CCC has successfully integrated pump controls, leachate collection systems, fiberoptic & wireless networks, temperature monitoring systems, flow & level monitoring systems, and geotechnical instruments at various solid waste facilities.

Typical Landfill Bioreactor systems provide for methane extraction and disposal of the toxic liquid leaching agents seeping through the solid waste mound. Protection of the environment is a key concern in the design, monitoring and control of modern solid waste systems. CCC is the industry leader in applying innovative and proven automated monitoring and control technologies (SCADA) in this utility business sector.

As project General Contractor, CCC was invited to team up with the University of Florida in installing and automating a new bioreactor system in Polk County, FL. Featured on the Discovery Channel's "Modern Marvels", this bioreactor showcased the leading edge technologies for landfill bioreactor leachate management.

Disposal of landfill toxic waste leachate is a costly and environmentally sensitive endeavour. This bioreactor recirculated the collected leachate and injected it back into the landfill. This process accelerated the decomposition of organic waste and reutilized the leachate. Consequently, the landfill operating permit could be modified to increase landfill capacity and allow the landfill to pay for itself with the savings realized from reduced leachate disposal costs.

"...Curry Controls has been instrumental in helping Polk County reduce its annual Leachate management costs by more than $1,000,000 yr."

Michael Herr, County Manager
Polk County, FL

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